SPC Discount Card: Student Card vs. VIP Card

Please read carefully to make sure you buy the proper SPC card that will work for you.

The popular and well known SPC Student Card is only valid for students. If you order the new 2010-2011 SPC Card online now, you’ll get a Free $10 shopping card.” You can click here to read more information about the card or to order it now. The card costs $9 plus $2 for shipping.

There’s also a special SPC VIP Card that will allow anyone (non-students) to use the card. You can not buy the SPC VIP Card anywhere other then getting it free by ordering a 1-year subscription to LouLou magazine. An annual subscription to LouLou will cost $14.95 for 8 issues (Total of $15.70 including tax). Please note: The VIP card does not come with the free $10 shopping card and the magazine does not automatically renew.

I used to buy the SPC card every year back when I was a student. I found the card to be very handy and would save a lot of money over a course of a year. The card was accepted at about 90% of the places that I shopped and it would save me around 10-15% off my purchase. It sucks how you aren’t able to use the SPC card when you’re no longer a student.

I was not aware of the SPC VIP card until now. Apparently a ton of people on RedFlagDeals wait every year to take advantage of the LouLou magazine special just for the free SPC VIP card. I am going to order the magazine just so I can get the SPC VIP card. I have no interest in the magazine whatsoever and will likely just donate the magazine to a library or recyle the magazine as soon as I get it.

You can click this link to order the magazine to get the free SPC VIP card or you can go to RedFlagDeals to read more about this deal.

I hope I was clear and explained the difference between the two cards. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.