Review: DealFind, Groupon, LivingSocial, and TeamBuy Daily Deals of the Day Sites

If you’ve never bought from DealFind, Groupon, TeamBuy, LivingSocial or any of these daily deals sites before, I can verify that they are 100% authentic and legitimate. I have bought dozens of deals from each of these group buying sites and have already used a lot of the vouchers/ coupons at a bunch of different places and have never had any problems or issues. If you don’t believe me, you can always call the featured businesses directly and ask them to confirm the deals yourself.

I too questioned the validity of these websites when I first heard about them. They almost sound too good to be true. I mean, how can they get local businesses to offer such incredible deals? We’ll, they’re able to do so by promising to send these businesses hundreds or thousands of new customers. This new social group-buying power is the hottest trend in 2010.

You can usually save up to 50-90% off local restaurants, spas, shopping, salons, events and more! I was finally convinced after I purchased and used a couple vouchers & after reading the following article: Forbes recently named Groupon one of the fastest growing companies ever!

It’s fun and exciting watching how many people take advantage of the Daily Deals of the Day sometimes. It’s very common to see a couple hundred or thousand people in each city take advantage of the daily 1-day sales. The record that I saw was over 12,000 people buying a voucher to a Go-Karting place in Vancouver and over 22,000 people buying a 50% Off Gap voucher in Chicago. DealFind,  Groupon, TeamBuy and Living Social continue to amaze me with some of their HOT Deals.

Discovering these websites have changed my life. It’s allowed me to discover, try out and support many local businesses that I would have never heard of before or had the chance to visit. It makes it so much easier and more enjoyable being able to visit these places when you’re getting 50%-90% off thanks to all these Deal of The Day websites.

So, if you haven’t tried Deal Find, Groupon, TeamBuy, LivingSocial or any of these other Daily Deals sites, you’ve been missing out big time!

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